The Right to Information Act, 2005

The  Right  to  Information  Act  of  October  12,  2005  aims  at securing  access  to information   under   the    control   of   public    authorities   for citizens,   to   promote transparency and  accountability in the  working of every public  authority. The Right to Information Act extends to the whole of India except to the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Subject to the provisions of the Right to Information Act, all citizens have the right to information.

As per the provisions of the Act, State Public Information Officers and Assistant Public Information officers and Appellate Authorities are designated in the Office of the Board. The Public shall have access to information, as instructed by the Board from time to time, if they apply to the designated Officers as per the rules. All the  members of the Staff shall  give  necessary information,  in  their official  capacity,  without delay  to  the Public Information Officers for exercising their duties.

Request  for  obtaining  information:-A  person  who   desires  to   obtain  any information  under the Act shall  make  a request in writing or through electronic means in  English  or Malayalam   or in the  official language of the  area in which  the  application is made; accompanying such  fee as may be prescribed specifying the  particulars of the information sought by him or her.

Appeal:-Any  person who  does  not  receive  decision  within  the  time  specified   in sub section  (1) or clause  (a) of sub-section(3)  of section  7 of the Act or is aggrieved by a decision  of the   State  Public  Information  Officer,  may within  30 days  from the expiry of such  period or from  the  receipt of such  a decision  prefer an appeal to such  designated officer who is senior in rank to the State Public Information Officer as the case may be.

Provided that such  officer may admit the  appeal  after the expiry of the  period of thirty days  if he  or she  is  satisfied  that  the  appellant  is prevented by  sufficient  cause  from filing the appeal  in time.

Penalties:-  If  the  State  Public  Information  Officer  has  refused   to  receive  an application  for  information  without  any  reasonable  cause  or  has   not  furnished information  within  the   time   specified   or  denied   the   request  for  information  or knowingly given incorrect,  incomplete  or misleading  information,  he shall  be liable  for a  penalty   of two  hundred  and  fifty  rupees   each  day  till  application  is  received  or information is furnished,  however, the total amount of such  penalty  shall not exceed twenty-five  thousand rupees.

In the Office of Kerala Devaswom Recruitment Board the Assistant Secretaries shall be designated as State Public Information Officers and the Managers shall be designated as Assistant State Public Information Officers.   The Secretary, the Finance Officer, the Controller of Examination shall be designated as the appropriate Appellate authorities.

In Kerala Devaswom Recruitment Board the Establishment section deals with application for information received under Section 6(1), appeals received under section

19(1)  and  matters  relating to  second  appeals  under  section  19(3)  of RTI Act.    The section also maintains statistical data regarding the applications received under RTI Act.


Appellate Authorities

  1. Smt. Jalajakumari. S





Public Information Officers


  1. Smt. P. B. Radhika

Assistant Secretary